Questions To Ask When Buying Home Insurance

buying home insurance

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to buying home insurance. The reason is that it serves as a safety net for their property against any disaster. 

If you are planning to get house insurance, you should first know the questions to ask home insurance agent before you finalize your quote.

In the article below, we will be covering top insurance questions for your residence.

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Questions To Ask Insurance Agents About Homeowners Insurance

The following are the top queries that you should ask an insurance lawyer before you purchase a buying home insurance policy:

How much coverage did you quote on my house?

This is a very important question to ask your insurance agent before you buying home insurance. In America, insurance companies decide coverage for your home insurance based on several factors, including:

  1. Your city or country
  2. Your claims history
  3. Replacement costs
  4. Age and type of property
  5. Your credit history
  6. Material used in the construction of the house
  7. Local fire protection

If your house is in a high-risk area, you may have higher premiums. This is because companies investigate the area where you live. The investigation includes the likelihood of severe weather conditions (like floods, hurricanes, and wildfires) and local crime rates. So make sure that your insurance agent prepares a home insurance policy according to these factors being considered.

Do I have enough insurance to rebuild my home if it is destroyed?

You need to locate the insurance house policy to check if your house is listed in one of the following two categories:

Replacement Cost

Suppose your house is destroyed completely in any storm or related situation. Then the replacement cost will help you to rebuild your house again from start to end. Like if it takes $450,000 to rebuild your home, you first need to make sure that you are insured for this amount.

Actual Cash Value

This is also the replacement cost but it does not include the depreciation amount. Remember that the actual cash value will always be less than the rebuild cost. And the reason for this is the wear and tear of the property.

How much coverage is provided for my personal property (my stuff)?

Typically, personal property insurance covers about half to seventy percent (50-70%) of your home insurance. But as a good homeowner, you might need less or more coverage depending on how much your belongings are worth.

To determine how much insurance you need, try to make a complete analysis of your home value. But remember that the value of land is not included in it. Remember, you must know first how to replace a home when the home is not built properly.

Do I need flood and earthquake insurance? What would be the cost?

Your home location or risk factors decide whether or not you need flood and earthquake insurance. Insurance companies offer standard homeowner insurance which helps you in your tough time. 

These agencies estimate the surroundings of your home and confirm whether your home is located in an area where the risk of flooding or earthquakes is high. In this way, they recommend their clients to have these coverages. 

You can also approach ‘Auto Insurance Line (Company)’ to ask our experts questions about the homeowners insurance of America.

We use different factors to determine the cost of your home insurance. These factors include your home location, value, or specific risks which help us to decide the cost of this insurance.

If something happens, how do I file my Buying home insurance claim?

In such a situation, immediately contact your insurance company for a claim. Do not waste or throw the damaged items out of the property. Let the insurance inspector see everything with their naked eyes. As a proof, you can also photograph or video your damaged items.

As a good homeowner, you need to review the settlement plan very carefully before finalizing it, Go for negotiation if required at any spot.

When do I need an umbrella policy?

Imagine if your house gets damaged severely. In this situation, your normal house insurance policy will not work. But the umbrella policy can help you better.

An umbrella policy steps in when your basic insurance plans run out. This type of policy provides extra protection for your savings, future earnings, house items, or even house.

What’s the dwelling coverage per square foot?

Just imagine if your house gets down to the ground due to a sudden fire and your current buying home insurance does not cover the rebuild cost for the structure. What would you do in this condition?

To avoid this kind of situation, it is suggested not to accept the recommended house insurance policy that a company offers. The reason is that every company uses a replacement cost calculator, but these tools never guarantee 100% accuracy, says Ryan Andrew, president of The Andrew Agency, an independent insurance agency serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

This is why, you should have questions to ask home insurance agent in your mind for better compensation. Once you decide on the dwelling limit as per your needs, also consider the extended replacement coverage in your quote. It will certainly let your company pay 10-50% more than the dwelling coverage amount to rebuild the structure.

Do I have coverage for Additional Living Expenses?

It is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to consult with your insurance agent who helps you to read all homeowners policies thoroughly. This thorough understanding is helpful to know which coverage is good for you. Besides having a money limit, Auto Insurance Line provides a policy that might also have a time limit for how long it will keep covering your extra expenses.

Does this policy cover water damage, including damage from sewer, drain, or sump pump backup?

You can fight against different calamities if you get good homeowners insurance from a company like us. We ensure to protect you from different disasters including unexpected water damage, water back-ups, and sump pump overflows. We have even some additional water backup coverage plans. You can even purchase them for more security.

Am I eligible for any discounts?

There is likely a rare chance that a homeowners insurance policy is not eligible for all discounts. It is your agent’s responsibility that he/she must tell you about everything from the starting day of you as a client. 

If you are still not satisfied, you can contact Auto Insurance Line (Company) to get the best quotes about home ownership.


Before making a list of questions to ask home insurance agent, make sure you have enough information about your house includes:

  1. Year of construction
  2. The overall square footage of the property
  3. The shape of the roof
  4. Recent upgradations made, if any
  5. Material of the construction

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