Terms & Condition

The following page contains terms of service that our company (Auto Insurance Line) considers while running its operations in the State of Texas, United States.

We design perfect insurance quotes that help our customers get the best deals at affordable rates.

Our company is an online platform that lets the users trust it because providing them with all the services with complete care and 100% guarantee is our priority.

At Auto Insurance Line, we put in efforts to safeguard your and your loved ones’ assets.

Types of Insurance We Deal In:

Currently, we are providing auto and home insurance services in Texas and its nearby localities.

Before applying for the services, you must read our terms and conditions from our official terms & conditions page. Once you have decided to connect with us, you are bound to fulfill all of them with all updates. 

Our terms & conditions go through different changes and are updated as the requirements of the time. Whenever these services are updated, users will follow up with all dedications. Being a client, you are suggested to read the terms because it is your right to stay updated about our terms & we are pleased to get a positive remark or feedback from our clients. This helps us to work more effectively to better our performances. 

Purchase of Quotes:

Once you decide to purchase anything from Auto Insurance Line, make sure you have agreed to our terms and conditions to purchase the insurance quote.

Our website initiative is to benefit the general public. Once you decide to purchase anything from Auto Insurance Line, this means that you fully agree with us. 

You must revise the terms & conditions each time before utilizing the website because we are committed to satisfying our customers with our insurance services or products every time. Without conquering the terms, you are unable to get our services.

Superior Customer Service

We care for our customers’ satisfaction as it is always our top priority. We help you to provide quick insurance claims & quotes, processing at a fast pace, and ongoing support to ensure that our users get the best insurance deals at the moment they need them the most.

Acceptable Use

Once you come to our website or use it for your insurance purposes, then you are requested to put your right identity. All the information about you must be true. Otherwise, it will be hard for us to cooperate with you.

Furthermore, you must abide by all the applicable laws which is a piece of evidence you are completely responsible for issues if occurred. 

Customer Communication:

Your contact information is quite important for the Auto Insurance Line because. In this way, our administration department will contact you back to talk about your requirements and understand your needs. This helps the website fulfill all your requirements. The company’s insurance agents can contact you easily to communicate with you via email or call to discuss your selected insurance features, facilities, or policies. 

Additionally, you also authorize us to talk with you through WhatsApp for the stated purpose.

Consent for the Sharing of Personal Information

Once you sign this, you agree to let the Auto Insurance Line Company collect and share your information. You also confirm you read and understand our terms and agree to follow them.

We will also utilize your contact information for the following purposes:

  • The company uses your contact information to provide you with updates concerning insurance products and news about Auto Insurance Line. 
  • If you don’t want to receive such information, then you can also select the option to unsubscribe which restricts the website/company from contacting you via email, message, or WhatsApp.

Purchase Online / Request a Quote

We only show the estimated price for the product we are offering you. If you want to get the exact price then:

  • Fill up the form available 
  • Click ‘Get a Quote’ to receive your deals for house and car insurance

Talk to an Agent: 

An insurance agent can explain specific terms and conditions of a policy and answer your questions. You can contact our insurance agents anytime when you have some trouble regarding any policy or deal.

Policy Wording

Our policy document outlines everything. This includes what’s covered (and excluded), deductibles, and our responsibilities during claims. Read it thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience.

Refunds & Cancellations

If you want to cancel your insurance or refund the fee, then contact our customer care team and note your request to cancel the insurance or refund the fee. Remember the company acts on your request following its terms & conditions.


Remember the things which our website is offering you might not be available everywhere. If you visit the site, you must follow the laws where you are. This website is not trying to sell you anything, and the things we offer may not be available everywhere.

Modification of Terms

Auto Insurance Line has a legal right to change the general terms & conditions at any time, so the user must be updated actively about it. If there is any change made by us, you will get a notification and we will mention all the modifications at the top of our terms of services page. 

Public Forums

Auto Insurance Line has chatrooms or forums where users are free to post information and talk to each other. The company running the service isn’t responsible for what users say and doesn’t guarantee it will be accurate or nice. You should be careful about what you believe from these forums, and the company might remove posts they don’t like.


Your privacy matters so much to us. We do not use your personal information for any purpose that is suspicious. Nor do the third-party companies working with us do that.

For more information about our privacy terms, visit Privacy Policy.


If you have any queries regarding any of our terms or services, do not hesitate to contact us.